We started this journey in January 2019 by attending the Bee School ran by The Henderson County Beekeepers Association at the Mountain Horticultural Research Center in Mills River and our Apiary Sessions at the Historic Johnson Farm. We then started building our frames and boxes and now we have harvested our fourth batch of honey from our hives which are located on the roof of The Henderson. So far, we have harvested over 200 LBs of pure honey.

Our Bee mentor Jim Poe mentioned that our honey tastes so sweet because the bees are feasting on all the beautiful flower boxes and hanging baskets on Main St. and Justice St.
He said it's like a buffet for them with so many different varieties of wild flowers that it gives our honey a more fragrant and floral flavor.

Jeanne has created a wonderful Harvey’s @ The Henderson Honey Cocktail List with Honey Lemon Drop Martini with Absolut Citron, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon and Honey.
The Honey Rye Manhattan with Jim Beam Rye, Citrus, Homemade Honey Syrup & Bitters.
In keeping with our movie theme at The Henderson Jeanne has created the Honey Hitchcock with local NC Conniption Gin, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon and a Drop of Our Honey.

And of course, what cocktail menu would be complete without the Bee’s Knees with local NC Conniption Gin, Fresh Lemon and Homemade Honey Syrup.

Chef Michael is wowing the guests at The Henderson with his wonderful breakfast creations of Honey-Lemon Pancakes and Honey French Toast with home-made brioche, house cured bacon and wild berry and vanilla maple syrup. He is also using the honey for dishes on the menu in the restaurant which changes every week.

The most local of honey, one block from Main St. Downtown Hendersonville on the roof of The Henderson, urban beekeeping at its best.